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The First Step

by Dre

4Syte is dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom through education, personal testimonials, perspective changes, and strategy ideas. There is the saying that if you continue to do the same thing and expect a different result, then that is insanity. Be crazy with change, do not be insane, no pun intended 😊. Change can easily start with seeing the world and your actions through a different lens. Change happens when you set goals and have a plan to achieve them, Change starts with being proactive. Change starts today when you decide that you will become a little better by improving incrementally no matter how small, the commitment to get up when your knocked down by life’s many challenges, and the thirst for knowledge and application of knowledge. With that 4Syte welcomes you to and challenges you to change your perspective for the opportunity to change your future!

Disclaimer: Throughout this site and the others on this site you may find links for products and or services that 4Syte is affiliated with and will earn a commission if you purchase products or services through those links, although at no additional cost to you.

                I also mention a lot of stocks trading strategies and companies I invest in. However I am not a licensed professional and any recommendation given here should not be taken as such. Articles are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Readers should only make investment decisions according to their risk appetite and after consulting their own financial advisor.

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You will find other areas of this blog that also contain helpful and insightful information for both educational and entertainment purposes.

  • The Journey page will be updated the most frequently there I will share my journey to financial freedom and understanding, and I hope readers can be able to follow along and experience this journey with me through my words, testimonies, and their own success and achievements. I have also included a page for
  • References, this page will mostly contain links to other articles and sites to further education and learning, also links to products and or services that may benefit readers on their own personal journey.
  • The Strategy page is where I will share details of the methods that I am using to increase my wealth, this may include stocks out of my personal portfolio and the positions I am in along with profit and loss.

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