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How to Redefine Success and Achieve Your Dreams

by Dre

In the 21st century, accomplishments create the individual. The digital age, where almost everyone has adopted social media, has created a platform to compare and contrast our achievements. Whether that means demonstrating affluence or exhibiting a physical transformation, it’s a competitive world around us. It’s easy to feel like we don’t measure up – like our own accomplishments can get lost in the shadow cast by others. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we define our own success.

The most important lesson in life is to not give up on your goals and dreams and trying to achieve what you deserve till the last dying breath of your life.

Does success mean stardom and Fame?

When you see successful people all around you don’t be fooled by the fact that they have achieved it nicely decorated on a plate. There is something behind the success that you don’t see or you don’t know about.

The problem with most ordinary people is that they don’t have the dedication or the perseverance to keep going on their dreams despite all the darkness and gloom outside.

What keeps successful people constantly moving forward and motivated?. Can we define success as materialistic pleasures? How do we define something with a relative point of view? Is it the peace of mind that you get from realizing your dreams or sense of accomplishment from the hard journey that no one thought was going to be true?

The real art of success can be stated with this one-liner-

*You cannot measure success by how you perform in the best of conditions – it’s how you triumph over obstacles that matters the most.*

What matters most is where you can find the answers to the questions above. You define what matters the most for you and your situation, and its ok to be wrong. Its ok to think that you want a certain type of success but later in your journey you realize something else matters. Your definition of success does not need to be static it can be forever changing and should evolve as you evolve.

When we compare our success against others, we often forget that everyone faces their own hurdles. What comes easy to one person might be challenging to the next. Readjusting our perspective is a good step to redefining our success.


Money does not quantify success

An obsession with materialistic possessions has been the downfall of many. For some, financial success is their greatest motivator. It can come at the sacrifice of personal relationships, physical health, and time spent. And in the end, the possessions only last momentarily and the joys of riches are fleeting.

Truly extraordinary people throughout history understood that their achievements were not measured by the amount in their bank account. Money is only a potential byproduct of success and problem solving. It does not guarantee long term fulfillment. It’s hard work and perseverance that makes an accomplishment successful. You cannot find validation in material possessions long term.

Take this as a challenge in your life and find out what you want to achieve. But do remember that when you have a dream you got to keep going.

There will be many obstacles to face when you’re working towards your goals. You will find lots of naysayers around you, some in your own circle of friends and family. It might not always be malicious, but it can be discouraging. You could feel your energy and ambition dwindling the longer you’re pushing forward. Do not compare the amount of time it takes you to others – that  is also not a way to measure success. Timelines differ. It will mean more that you maintained motivation when things got tough and when others didn’t believe in you.

Defining success in one’s terms

We must leave each person to define success for themselves. Like beauty it lies in the eye of the beholder. We cannot quantify it with money, titles, or connection. Only after you define your own vision of success can you begin your journey to achieving it. If you chase the expectations of others you will only be disappointed. Take advice from those around you, absorb the information successful people have to offer, but ultimately discover for yourself what it means to live your dreams.

Instead of trying to be like the person you adore the most, try and find out your inner passion. Find out what ignites your inner soul and desire to become better.

Find out what you are good at doing and embrace any challenge that exists in your society or your community and work towards overcoming that difficulty or hardship through problem solving and exercising your creativity.

Let go of your expectations on this journey to avoid limiting yourself. And make decisions with sincerity, without seeking out external rewards. You can only find an authentic definition of success when you let go of chasing material possessions and validation. The most truly successful people in the world lead their lives with passion.

With passion you do things because you love to do it, you find it exciting and fulfilling, and every moment can feel timeless instead of a daunting task.

4Syte’s Basic ground rules for success

You define your own achievements and measure success in your own terms. Every individual’s path is different – what you hope to achieve, the obstacles in your way, and how you move forward is unique. The things mentioned above are some simple principles that you need to keep in mind while defining what success is for you.

With our coaching services the first thing you will be asked is “What is your definition of success”? Followed by “What have you done in the past 30 days to take one or many steps closer to your goals”.


Don’t give up…ever…

Here is some delicious food for thought… Is your success measured in the freedom to pursue your interests? Well?

If you stay focused on what you truly want in life doors of opportunity will fling open and what you desire shall be what you deserve. When you start your journey don’t look back and don’t slow down, prepare yourself for the journey and brace yourself for a bumpy but worthwhile ride.

Let go of the preconceived notions of success and ask yourself when will you be satisfied. What will make you feel fulfilled? And what are you willing to sacrifice? It’s a lot of work, is your time and energy going to be worth it? Practice looking inward for these answers.


Reverse engineer your way to success

When you’re working towards your dreams, always keep the big picture in mind but plot smaller goals and deadlines that will get you there. Work towards your end goal every day.

Remember that you need to go through a heart wrenching, gut crushing repetitive process time and time again each day to earn real success at the end. No one said success is easy, its repeatable, and can duplicated…but if its worth fighting for… shouldn’t you fight to the death?

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