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Impacts of Knowledge

by Dre

There is a famous proverb that goes ” knowledge is power” and there is no doubt that in the past million years, humanity has made millions of significant progresses. This progress ranges from cave-dwelling Neanderthals to being jet setting futurists. Today, being on a planet of approximately 9 billion people, aren’t we a thousand times better than we were millenniums ago? We have all the necessities including shelter, electricity, and food, whose quality improves every day. But the one essential element that separates us from our predecessors which helps us create a better society and develops a sense of freedom is education and knowledge.

Knowledge is defined (as per google) as facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education, the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It is a continuous learning process and information can be acquired anywhere at any time regardless of age. Acquiring knowledge is a fundamental right of every person. It not only promotes empowerment but also ensures that you grow and develop. Knowledge can uplift you and society and elevate all the social and economic conditions of the society as well.

In this article, we will provide all the necessary ways in which knowledge has a great impact on your life. Without knowledge, life is dull and empty. Education and knowledge make us a better citizen and gives us a sense of conscience and confidence.

Knowledge spreads awareness:

Let briefly talk about false knowledge. False Knowledge destroys, from the inside it infects. False knowledge is the virus that can spread fast and do more damage to a society than good. Education and knowledge help shed light on everything by first creating the curiosity for knowledge and then satisfying that curiosity with understanding. It gives you the power of analytical thinking and helps identify problems and solutions. Solutions to problems are where the opportunities lie but that is another gem for another day.

Moving on, sometimes knowledge asks for scientific reasoning and logic but knowledge can also come from experience, observation, and creativity.

Knowledge promotes progress:

Better knowledge and understanding opens a lot of opportunities for an individual. Especially in a world where success is not bound by geography but has limitless possibilities depending upon your use of education, experience, information and technology. The more knowledge and skill you acquire and the more you apply that knowledge and skill the greater your chances of achieving your desired level of success.

Knowledge can promote longevity in health:

Better educated people tend to live long as they know how to stay away from harmful things. This knowledge will help you stay away from all the things which will affect your health. According to the research that was conducted in the central European countries, it was proven that a 30-year-old educated man can live almost 8 to 10 years longer and 10 times healthier life than a 30-year-old man who has not completed secondary education. In the case of women, educated women can live 4 to 5 years longer than uneducated women.

Knowledge and productivity:

There is a direct and deep connection between knowledge and productivity. The more knowledge you have, the better your output is period. If you know more you can do more, knowledge removes limitations and creates opportunities. It goes without saying…but I am going to say it…If you want more opportunity acquire more knowledge and skills and remain diligent in their application in your life. It will help you to improve more and more until you get to excellence. If you apply what you learn on a consistency in an effort to become a better version of yourself, by your definition, then you will flourish.

Let’s Sum it all up!!

Keeping in mind all the benefits of knowledge and how it can affect your life, one must always have a thirst to acquire more and more knowledge. The more knowledge you acquire; the better life you will live.

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